Monday January 24th, 2022, at 7 pm

via Zoom



Meeting called to order at:   7:05pm


Present:  Bette Broome, Greg Steele, Brian Cote, Rene Lacousiere, Geo Monrufet, Heidi Zimmermann, Veronique Jager, Mark Molander, Linda Bowers, Danielle Marley, Mark Marley, Nancy Harvey.   ACRD Director: Penny Cote

Regrets:  Linda Bowers, Roger Loggins

Recorder: Nancy Harvey


Treasurer’s Report:   distributed via email.   Brian Cote motioned approval, Linda Bowers second.  Carried


Secretary Report:   Linda Bowers – Minutes attached for receipt.  Bette Broome motioned approval, second by Rene Lacoursiere


Multi-use Court report: Failed concrete to be replaced this spring.


SL Community Hall:

–      COVID-19 SL Community Hall is open with Covid protocol in place.   Cleaning is being done on a regular schedule.

  • Front deck expansion proposal has applied for building permit. Rene will submit payment to ACRD.
  • Still to complete basement ceiling and bar storage area, to be addressed in spring.
  • Hall security system. Discussion on setting the alarm and codes. Priority for new Directors post AGM.


Road Committee: No report

Hall Rental Committee: No report



Sproatlakecommunityassociation.com will support the SLCA AGM with reports, minutes, applications, etc.  Should Treasurer’s report be attached?  Yes.    Heidi will attach to minutes in future.


New Business:

  • SLCA AGM and Elections for February 28th, 2022 via Zoom with assistance from the ACRD.

See agenda attached.  Pre-registration is not required, link will be available on the SLCA & ACRD websites.


  • Special Resolution for an increase in SLCA Directors from 12 to 15.
  • ACRD Sort’nGo survey and Open House 2 SL Community Hall Thursday, January 24th, 2022.
  • BC Assessments 42.68% average increase
  • Mosaic harvest plan and tour, date tba.
  • A new group;

  •  Sproat Lake Woodlands Assoc has been developed in response to recent cuts along Stirling. Mark Molander will draft letter to Mosaic for review by the SLCA for submission.
  • Heidi suggests all letters sent should be included on the website – general agreement.
  • Great Central Lake boat launch debris removal. Concern over way it was done, Danielle will draft a letter regarding completing the cleanup.
  • Great Central Lake is planning a Fishing Derby April 15/16 & will be donating proceeds to ‘Learn to Fish’.

Old Business:

  • SL Community Hall heating: Motion by Linda Bowers: that the building committee move forward and investigate heating solutions for the hall. Second Danielle Marley. Carried
  • SL Community Hall security system (as above)
  • What to do with old chairs?

Community Sign:

  • SPROAT LAKE COMMUNITY HALL sign and address and sign board to acknowledge donation and trades from renovations.
  • Committee to install playground on upper field at SL Hall on hold
  • Weir plates update; Penny discussed with Jason Seabrook from Catalyst, plates are going back in in the spring.
  • Derelict dock and float home removal and investigation for a solution. The problem continues, conversations on-going.
  • Future Social Committee on hold
  • Unauthorized RV’s along Great Central Lake Road. Penny will check on status of ACRD bylaw enforcement on this complaint.


Adjournment 8:25