Community Hall

A Place To Gather and Connect

Our community hall serves as a central hub for various activities, events, and gatherings that bring our community together. Beautifully located on the lake, our hall is a versatile and welcoming space that offers a wide range of amenities for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

Activities and Events

The Sproat Lake Community Hall hosts a variety of activities and events. From sports and recreation, such as pickleball and other activities, to community gatherings and special events, our hall is a great space where people of all ages can come together and connect. We hope you’ll join us!


The Sproat Lake Community Hall is equipped with various amenities to accommodate a wide range of activities and events. Our facilities include a spacious hall with a stage, a fully equipped kitchen, a bar, tables, chairs, ample parking space, and washrooms. We strive to maintain a clean and safe environment for all users, and our facilities are regularly maintained to ensure they meet the needs of our community.

Renting the Hall

Our hall is also available for rent, making it a perfect venue for hosting your next event or gathering. With ample space, modern facilities, and a beautiful location, the Sproat Lake Community Hall is an ideal choice for weddings, parties, meetings, workshops, and any other special occasion. Learn more about renting our hall.

Come and Join Us

We invite you to come and enjoy the Sproat Lake Community Hall. Whether you’re looking to participate in activities, attend events, or rent our facilities for your next gathering, our hall is a welcoming space that fosters community connections and promotes a vibrant and inclusive community spirit. We look forward to welcoming you to our hall.

Hall Rental

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Together we can make a difference and contribute to the betterment of our community!

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