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The Sproat Lake Community Association has a rich history that dates back to 1953 when it was established as the Sproat Lake Ratepayers Association. Over the years, it has grown and in 1995 the name was changed to the Sproat Lake Community Association, a dynamic organization that serves the community in various ways. Our association is governed by a dedicated board of 12 members who are committed to representing the interests and needs of the Sproat Lake community.

As an organization, we are involved in various community projects, initiatives, and events that promote community engagement, recreation, and sustainability. We work closely with local stakeholders, government agencies, and other organizations to address community issues and concerns, and to ensure that Sproat Lake remains a thriving and sustainable community for generations to come.

The Sproat Lake Community Association is committed to transparency and accountability, and share updates, meeting minutes, and financial information with our members and the community.

We are proud of our history, accomplishments, and the strong sense of community that defines Sproat Lake. We are constantly looking for ways to grow and improve, and we welcome feedback, ideas, and suggestions from our community members. Join us in shaping the future of Sproat Lake and making a positive impact on our community. Together, we can continue to build a vibrant and thriving community for everyone to enjoy.  Contact us to learn more about our organization, or to get involved in our initiatives, projects, activities and events. We look forward to hearing from you!


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