1. Groups using facilities will be responsible for any damage beyond the normal wear and tear occurring during the hours of rental, also for any missing articles or equipment.

  2. Any damage must be reported immediately to the custodian in charge of rentals.

  3. User fees are to be paid to SLCA.

  4. In event of cancellation notification must be made immediately.

  5. Groups must restrict their activities to only those portions of the hall stated in the contract.

  6. Groups using facilities must limit decorations.  No staples, tacks, nails or duct tape are NOT to be used on the walls.

  7. The users are responsible for lock-up and keys.

  8. The Sproat Lake Community Association assumes no responsibility for items or other equipment stored on property before or after or during usage.

  9. User group to comply with Post-Event Check List.

User Group Agreement Form:

(If applicable)
I have read the regulations and agree to comply with them. I accept the responsibility on behalf of our group and realize that availability of the hall is subject to change upon notification and I will be responsible for any damage or caretaking cost arising from use of the facilities.
Date___________________________________________________________Signature of the Applicant:____________________________________