Sproat Lake Community Hall

Rental Regualations

  1. Parties renting facilities will be responsible for any damage beyond the normal wear and tear occurring during the hours of rental, also for any missing articles or equipment.
  2. Any damage must be reported immediately to the custodian in charge of rentals.
  3. At the time of booking, the damage deposit must be paid to secure reservation. All rental fees must bepaid prior to use of facilities.
  4. In the event of cancellation, booking deposit will be refunded if a minimum of 48 hrs notice is given.
  5. Parties must restrict their activities to only those portions of the hall stated in the contract. The renter will be charged at the regular rates for use of any portion not authorized.
  6. Parties renting facilities must limit decorations. No staples, tacks, nails or duck tape are to be used on the walls. Use masking tape or ‘Command’ strips only.
  7. The premise must be vacated by 2:00 AM, unless otherwise arranged, and the renter will be responsible for lock-up.
  8. It is recommended that music be booked to end 1⁄2 hour before vacating. The Sproat Lake Community Association assumes no responsibility for instruments or other equipment stored on property before or after or during event.
  9. Renter is responsible for any and all complaints and will be subject to termination of rental and may be subject to regional violation fines.
  10. Renter is responsible for obtaining event insurance ($2 million minimum) as per agreement.
  11. If Kitchen is to be used, proof of Food Safe is required
  12. If Bar is to be used, Liquor permit and Serve it Right is required.

       Note: All current Health Safety protocols at time of event must be adhered to.

       CLEAN UP:

  1. The renter is expected to have all garbage & recyclables bagged and removed from the premise, tables and chairs cleaned, stacked and general cleanup of the hall floors and refrigerators and counters. Failure to comply will cost the renter a $50 per hour clean up fee.
  2. ABSOLUTELY no confetti allowed. There will be a $50 per hour clean up fee.
  3. The facility must be cleaned up as per check list and everything in connection with the rental removed by 12 noon the next day, unless other wise arranged with the custodian in charge of rentals.
  4. Damage deposit will be returned after caretaker has keys returned and clean up has been approved.
  5. Any damage to premise not covered above the damage deposit will result in a charge to the renter to cover cost of damage.


Post Event Checklist


Masking tape or ‘Command’ strips must be removed.

 Note: this is the only approved material for use

When moving tables and chairs, they must be lifted as dragging them will damage floor.

Wipe down tables of any spills and return to the storage cart under the stage
Chairs to be wiped down of any spills and returned to back storage room

Sweep floors and spot mop for any spills. Brooms, dust pan, mop and garbage can are located in breezeway

All garbage & recyclables to be bagged and removed unless otherwise agreed upon Note: Excessive amount of garbage may result in additional fees

Renter is responsible to remove all items brought into the hall

Perimeter grounds to be cleared of all garbage including cigarette butts

Note: The Hall is a smoke-free building. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas. All fire

restrictions must be obeyed

 Heater and lights to be shut off when leaving

 Keys returned



 All dishes washed and returned to the cupboards

 Counters and sinks wiped down

 Refrigerator clean and empty of all items brought in

 Garbage & recyclables removed

 Doors all closed and locked



 Counters, sinks and toilets left clean

 Remove garbage

 Sweep floors and spot mop for any spills

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