Insight into the Proposed Active Transportation Network Plan

Dear Sproat Lake Community

The Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District has proposed a series of changes to the active transportation infrastructure around Sproat Lake. These proposed changes include the following:

  1. Adding and upgrading roadside trails.
  2. Enhancing wayfinding, and signage.
  3. Introduction of Advisory Lanes (one-way alternating traffic is being proposed in 6 areas)
  4. Introduction of Bicycle/Walkable Shoulders.
  5. Paved and unpaved Multi-Use pathways.
  6. Traffic calming measures.

We have prepared a document which outlines the proposed changes for each area.  This information was compiled from the information inside the Round 2 Survey. The page numbers for each area are as follows:

Lakeshore Road  – Page 8

Faber Road / Stirling Arm Drive – Page 9

Asher Road – Page 10

Taylor Arm Drive – Page 11

Stirling Arm Drive (East) – Page 12

Stuart Avenue / Bell Road – Page 13

Hector Road -Page 14

Highway 4 (North) – Page 15

Highway 4 (South) – Page 15

Ash Main (Central) – Page 16

The regional district is asking for community input in shaping the final ATNP via a round 2 survey. We encourage the community to provide their feedback through the survey which can be found here:

This feedback is vital in ensuring the plan meets the community’s diverse needs and preferences. The survey is available until 11:59 PM on March 25, 2024, and takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Your insights are crucial in developing a transportation network that truly reflects our community’s needs.


The Sproat Lake Community Association.

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