Winter 2021




Published by Penny Cote – Sproat Lake Director – Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District


Sproat Lake Community Association’s (SLCA) Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 1st, 2021 via Zoom.  The Zoom link is available on the website, as well as the agenda on the back page. Agenda includes presentations by the ACRD staff on the 2021- 2025 Budget, Short Term Vacation Rentals, Ticketing Bylaw, Sproat Lake Zoning and Somass Watershed Flood Mapping.

SLCA Elections will be held during the AGM for SLCA President, 1st & 2nd Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and 8 Directors-At-Large. Nomination forms are available on the SLCA website for anyone interested in running as a Director. Nomination forms must be emailed to the nominating committee at by Friday, February 26th, 2021. Due to COVID-19 public gathering restrictions, there will be NO nominations from the floor. Visit for the nomination forms and SLCA Director responsibilities, or call Penny @ 250-724-5040 for more information.

Winter 2021–SLCA AGM zoom meeting link:


ACRD 2021 – 2025 Annual Budget Aligns with ACRD Strategic Plan, Targets and Resources
The Board confirmed their 2021 – 2024 Strategic Plan and targets which will provide direction and guidance respecting future plans and operations of Regional District services. An ACRD & ACRHD Budget overview will be presented at the SLCA AGM, Monday, March 1st, 2021 (see agenda on last page). The ACRD and ACRHD 2021-2025 budgets can be viewed on the ACRD website at  Alternatively, you can call the ACRD at 250-720-2700 for further information.

ACRD Public Consultation date for the budget is scheduled for Wednesday, February 24th, 2021 at 1:30 pm during the ACRD Board Meeting.




All COVID-19 public health orders and restrictions in BC are being kept in place. Let’s continue to work together to push our curve down – today and in the weeks ahead, so we can get to the brighter, safer days ahead.

Winter 2021

 Immunization clinics are being organized in 172 communities in BC and will be overseen by your local health authority. Starting in mid-to-late February, Health Authorities will be reaching out to seniors aged 80 years and older, Indigenous seniors aged 65 years and older, and Indigenous Elders to provide information on how to pre-register for immunization appointments.

The province will be providing an update on this process in the coming weeks.



The Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD), in partnership with the City of Port Alberni, has implemented a new emergency notification system called Voyent Alert!. This is an application which notifies subscribers about potential hazards and emergencies where they live. Voyent Alert will bring emergency notifications to the Bamfield Electoral Area and the Alberni Valley, including the City of Port Alberni and the Beaufort, Cherry Creek, Sproat Lake, and Beaver Creek Electoral Areas. The ACRD encourages all residents to subscribe for free. Once they have registered, residents will know immediately if a major emergency should hit their area, such as a tsunami, earthquake, wildfire, boil water advisory, chemical spill, dam breach, and major flooding in the locations that you sign up for. Users will be able to decide if they want to receive notifications through the app, by text, phone call, or email. Registration is FREE, simple, and anonymous. No information you submit is shared or used for marketing purposes. If you require help registering, please contact the ACRD at (250) 720-2700. For more information visit  


Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department (SLVFD) Chief Mike Cann reports that during this pandemic, as at all times, the fire department is ready and available to respond to the residents of Sproat Lake. The Sproat Lake Fire Department responded to 101 calls last year. Because of COVID, the province of BC reduced all FR (First Responder) calls to local fire departments. Because of this, we saw a big drop in the number of FR calls that we were dispatched to last year. As soon as it’s safe, we will return to our usual FR response levels. And a reminder with this nice weather, that now’s a good time to clean up any combustible debris laying around your property. Please feel free to contact our fire department with any questions regarding Fire Smart BC 250-724-1777. Sproat Lake Fire Department is also selling address signs and home protection gutter mount sprinkler systems. See for more information.


Sproat Lake Parks and Trails. 

Playground and public recreation sport courts are open to the public with restrictions in place. We ask that park visitors follow 2-meter physical distancing measures while enjoying other aspects of the parks and outdoor recreation areas and community trails.  We appreciate everyone doing their part during these challenging times.  If you have any questions, please email Joe Lamoureaux at


Sproat Lake Community Hall looks forward to soon opening the doors again to the public. Renovations continue to the interior the exterior painting was completed with support from the Community Works Funds (CWF) Grant through UBCM and the Province. Proposed is the development of the second half of the existing tennis court to a multiuse court this spring with the approval of another ACRD CWF Grant.

Do you want to play pickle ball? There are a number of men’s, ladies and mixed groups that are organizing safe play respecting COVID restrictions when it is safe again. For more information on how to join the game, call Linda or John Bowers at 250-724-3626.


The Somass Watershed Flood Management Plan (SWFMP) The SWFMP report and maps are available to the public by contacting the ACRD office and will be available on the ACRD website at  March 1, 2021. The ACRD Electoral Area Directors Committee has recommended a peer review of the SWFMP.




Winter 2012–Sproat Lake weir steel plates were removed from the slots of the Catalyst weir, at the lake outlet, in September 2020.  This was done after notifying BC Water Management and DFO.  It is expected that the plates will be re-installed in May 2021 to manage the annual flow for fish migration, depending on sockeye timing, lake level, and rains.  The plates would again be removed in the early fall.


Short Term Vacation Rentals

The ACRD’s Short Term Vacation Rental (STR) Temporary User Permit (TUP) Policy has been in effect since 2018. The ACRD continues to actively receive and process TUPs. Property owners are reminded that a valid TUP is required to operate a STR on your residential property, if the short term (less than 30 days) rental accommodation is occurring in either part or all of a single family dwelling, or in a detached accessory dwelling unit. The operation of the STR must comply with all Provincial Health Officer orders. More information, including the STR TUP application form, are available:


The Sort’nGo ACRD app is the updated version of the ACRD Collects app and is a great tool for residents to sign up to collection reminders or to help identify where household items can go to be recycled, donated or if it must go into the garbage.  It provides the most up-to-date information for all recycling and waste options in the region including hours and location.

We can also provide updated info on the landfill and recycling depot: Alberni Valley Landfill and Recycling: Winter hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am-4:00pm.

3rd Avenue Recycling Depot: Tuesday – Saturday 9:00am-4:30pm. Closed Sunday, Monday, and Statutory Holidays. Masks are required. More information can be found on the app or at

This Spring, the City of Port Alberni is introducing the Sort’nGo organics program which is part of a wider initiative to transition to an auto‐cart system for all three waste streams (garbage, recycling and organics).

To learn more about the new Sort’nGo program including timelines for consultation with communities outside City boundaries, program updates and answers to frequently asked questions please visit


Ministry or Transportation and MainRoad Mid Island Contracting have had several calls regarding culverts in 2020. It is the property owner’s responsibility for property access culverts and Ministry of Transportation responsibility for road culverts. Please maintain culverts to avoid flooding issues. MainRoad has a 24/7 maintenance reporting line that should be used to report highway related issues. The number is 1-877-215-6006.


The Wood Stove Exchange Program is introducing an option for households with any wood stove manufactured prior to 2014 to participate in the program if they are switching to a new pellet or gas heating appliance or electric air-source heat pump. The rebate amount for this option is $500. The uncertified woodstove to certified woodstove exchange has remained at $250. All homeowners in the Alberni- Clayoquot Regional District can utilize the Woodstove Rebates which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are limited quantities of each of the two available rebates. Vouchers have a 90-day expiry from the date of issue. For further information  check out the link or phone 250-720-2700. Help your health and your pocketbook. Acceptable air quality is everyone’s right. Protecting air quality is everyone’s responsibility.


Alberni Valley Housing Needs Report

As of 2019, all local governments are legislatively required to develop Housing Needs Reports (HNRs) by April 2022 and update every five years thereafter. HNRs will provide the ACRD with a better understanding of the current housing situation and projected future needs. A HNR for the four Alberni Valley Electoral Areas, including Sproat Lake, is currently being developed with UBCM grant funding. Work on the HNR has included various data collection, and a number of engagement activities in collaboration with the City of Port Alberni. One of the activities included a public online survey in fall 2020, where the City and ACRD heard from 670 respondents about housing needs in the Alberni Valley. Survey results, and other identified housing needs, will be available for public review and input at an upcoming online community forum in March 2021. Check the project webpage for more information on upcoming engagement and to stay connected:


Bylaw Notice Dispute Adjudication System gives the ACRD the authority to issue bylaw notices (tickets) for zoning bylaw infractions. The ACRD will be issuing bylaw notices in 2021, in situations where voluntary compliance is not achieved.

Sproat Lake residents in the Lakeshore Dr. area are finding cougar prints in the snow.  Please keep young children and pets indoors or supervised by an adult.  What to do if you meet up with a cougar? Stay calm, don’t run!



MONDAY, March 1st, 2021 AT 7:00 PM

Via Zoom Video Conferencing


To join the meeting follow the link below or dial 1-778-907-2071

Meeting ID: 949 8107 8125


Welcome to all residents of the Sproat Lake Area to the Sproat Lake Community Association (SLCA)

Annual General Meeting. Please join the meeting virtually and voice your opinion.


  • Call the March 1st, 2021 SLCA Annual General Meeting to order
  • Adoption of the agenda
  • Minutes of the February 24th, 2020 SLCA Annual General Meeting are available on the SLCA website here
  • Treasurer’s Report –  On the SLCA website
  • Delegates, Petitions & Presentations
  • Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) 2021 – 2025 Draft Financial Plan presented by the ACRD Finance Staff. Copies of the Financial Plan will be available on the ACRD website:, or by calling the ACRD office at 250-720-2700.
  • ACRD staff report on Short Term Vacation Rentals – Temporary Use Permit Policy
  • ACRD staff report on Ticketing Bylaws
  • ACRD staff update on Hydrology Flood Assessment for Sproat Lake
  • Sproat Lake Zoning Bylaws – proposed new lake zoning
  • Mosaic cut blocks and tours report
  • Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department (SLVFD) report
  • Sproat Lake Parks and Trails Commission report
  • Sproat Lake Community Hall renovations report
  • SLCA Election of Officers and Directors
  • Old business – Sproat River Weir plates and sweep
  • New business
  • Community Works Funds for pickle ball courts, hall deck and storage renovation
  • Request for a future Social Committee
  • Illegal homeless campsites


Water source test bottles and requisition forms are available at the ACRD office for self-testing. Please call 250-720-2700 for arrange for a contactless pick-up.  SLCA group water testing will be considered in the summer or fall of 2021 providing COVID-19 restrictions are not in place.


Adjournment – Thank you for your participation