Sproat Lake Volunteer Appreciation December 12, 2022

Volunteers were asked to make comment on …….

What is your favourite part of Sproat Lake?

  1. Taylor Arm Rec & Area

Enjoy – water quality excellent

Draw to bring out family visits.

– Complaint – Wake Boters

Wave action on docks & boats

  1. Fishing on the Lake

  1. Seems like some of the full time residents would enjoy a couple community Hall events – could use as a fundraiser/social.

– Trails are all fantastic and great feed back how much people are enjoying.

– Roads are in Rough shape

– End on a positive Best view on the lake is sitting in the middle looking Down Taylor.

  1. X2 – Functional Dock/Boar Launch.

Great Central Lake.

  1. Enjoy Lakeshore Trail Almost Daily.

– Enjoy Trails Around the Lake Especially to Ward Lake.

– Many changes for the Better.

  1. 2023 Add in tax for non-lake residents (Great Central/Bell Road) to match Area D.

– Extend Lakeshore Trail West of Weiner Creek.

  1. Hall Priorities

#1 Bar

#2 Basement Storage

#3 Heating – Grant

#4 Court Fence & Perimeter – Grant

  1. Extend trail along Faber to Stirling Arm Drive

– Police presence on lake during the summer.

– work with Mosaic to avoid clearcuts along roads.

  1. Clean water

Peach fullness rural lifestyle. Beautiful Trails.

– More Functions at Hall

– Flea markets.

  1. *Love our Natural Resource*

– Needs: Increased RCMP presence on the water to deter unsafe boating.

– Bylaw/OCP changes – Direct mail out to all residents to inform them of changes & new requirements.

_ By-law enforcement – Proactive not Reactive.

  1. Continue trail around Lakeshore, Stirling Arm.

– Develop trails between Faber, Ash Main, Stirling Arm.

– Develop Sproat Falls Area on Hector Road side.

  1. Sproat Lake heating hall.

– Water testing.

– Keep water clear- clean.

  1. Policy – re what is not allowed:

– 1. Campers/RV on property- part time.

– Often unknown – need to make owners aware.

  1. We moved to the Alberni Valley because of the lake.

– Our priority is to ensure that the lake is kept pristine for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

– All lake users must be respectful in their use of the lake.

  1. Tennis Courts upgrade

– Cougar Smith Park.

  1. I love the people I have met, old and new friends.

– I hope the future continues to include clean water, lake access forests and a place of rest and fun.

– A summer bbq would be fun.

  1. If there are histories that have been collected about our community, I would like to see them made accessible. May on the website.

  1. Increase the presence of Authority on lake behavior.

– Preserve the Quality of the Lake.

Thank you to the many Sproat Lake Volunteers and your community dedication and participation. I look forward to working with you all supporting our community healthy, safe, lifestyle, environment, and resources. Happy 2023.

Penny Cote

Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District

Sproat Lake Electoral Area Director