Sproat Lake Hall Table rental form


Sproat Lake Community Hall

9346 Bomber Base Road Port Alberni, BC V9Y 8Z3


Rental of Hall requires completion of the Rental Agreement form. Applicants are required to obtain appropriate insurance, certificates and/or permits.

Hall rental fees are waived for Youth groups. Fees for other non-profit events i.e. Sproat Lake community improvements events may be waived by approval of the Board of Directors. Non- profit user fees (i.e. Pickleball) are required to cover Hall maintenance expense. User groups are required to complete a User Group agreement.

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Rental of tables or chairs is restricted to Sproat Lake residents. Tables/chairs must be picked up and returned after cleaning by the renter.

2 day event* (i.e. Wedding) includes Hall,
Kitchen & Bar.
Cleaning per hour
* 2 day event is considered to be a 48 hr rental i.e. noon Friday – noon Sunday. Additional fees apply if additional time is booking.page1image16606016 page1image16606208 page1image16606400 page1image16606592page1image16606784 page1image16606976 page1image16607168 page1image16607360


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Refundable damage Deposit $100.00

8 ft folding table $10. each

Folding chair  $ 1 each