Summer 2022


Published by Sproat Lake Community Association

Safe Boating on Sproat Lake and Central Lake.

The Sproat Lake Marine Patrol (SLMP) team is back on the water for their 15th season assisting boaters at the Sproat Lake Provincial Park Boat Launch and patrolling the shorelines around Sproat Lake.

This June 2022 the SLMP visited 13 school classrooms with their student outreach program, promoting safe boating practices and water safety to over 300 students. There is new community engagement through their social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok which can be found under the name “Sproat Lake Marine Patrol”. Follow the SLMP to stay up to date on what’s happening around the lake and take their online survey to be entered for a gift certificate. To assist with important community information, they’ve added the use of QR codes at the boat launch to provide information on boating etiquette, invasive species, minimum safety requirements, and lake maps. The older paper copies are also available at the boat launch. For any questions or concerns regarding Sproat Lake, boating etiquette, or the public boat launch, the SLMP can be emailed at

Be wake aware signage.

Boaters are reminded of positive boating etiquette to “Take your Wake to the Middle of the Lake”. Potentially damaging wakes are caused by plowing boats leaving a boat launch, dock, or marina, or by sudden deceleration or turns near shorelines. As well as being a danger to swimmers and paddlers, wakes generated by recreational boats have the potential to erode the shoreline, damage infrastructure like docks, and disrupt aquatic ecosystems. Boaters are responsible for potential damage caused by your wake.

Boater wash effects can occur long after boaters have passed by. Extreme wakes from boaters maximize the danger to personal instability and property while recreating on docks or during the use of personal floatation. Stay personally aware & be safe when near the water.

Sproat Lake Community Hall Summer 2022.

Doors opened again this spring to the public. The final renovations to the interior expected this summer are the completion of a railed deck beside the entrance of the hall with support from the Community Works Funds (CWF) Grant through UBCM and the Province. The long- awaited completion of the multiuse courts will see the resurfacing and painted courts for Pickleball this summer also supported with the approval of another ACRD CWF grant. A basketball hoop with foul line & lines for Tennis are included. For information on rental and rates for the SL Community Hall check out the SLCA website at https:
or call SLCA President Nancy Harvey at 250-724- 4098.

Location, location, location! The new kitchen and bathrooms make this venue a beautiful addition to the community. The next project in the works is an expansion of the deck.

Pickle ball is alive and well at Sproat Lake Hall.

Summer 2022, there is one inside court and two, soon to be five, outside courts. Closure dates were posted for court construction and finishing during the month of August. The Courts will reopen for play Aug 31. The Pickleball calendar can be found on the SLCA website. It’s an interactive calendar so sign in with your group or join one of the community play times. There is mentorship available upon request. Calendar is open to all Sproat Lake residents and their guests. Courts are owned and operated by the SLCA.
Contact Linda/John Bowers for further

Mosaic 2022 Update.

Mosaic has begun engaging with various groups at Sproat Lake regarding their planned harvest activities. Engagement has occurred with Sproat Lake Director Penny Cote, the Sproat Lake Woodlands Society and community individuals. This spring Stirling Arm harvest was small in size (<7 hectares), was 100% second growth and includes various buffers and retention (along roads, trails, and streams). Recognition and thanks to Mosaic for the free firewood permits that were accessed by many community residents made available post operations upon request. Mosaic will be continuing to engage with the community to identify community values within the region. If you have any questions, please contact please contact Colin Koszman, Land Use Forester at

Dog Mountain geotechnical report.

Summer 2022, has been provided by West Coast Region, Ministry of Forests on the preliminary Assessment of Bedrock Instability on the North Slope of Dog Mountain at Sproat Lake since the 2015 wildfire. On site investigation identified potential dangers of new rockfall and debris slide events risk. Conclusions include the opinion that climate change may increase rockfall incidence. To ensure a factor of safety in the area of Taylor Arm in the vicinity heading west, just past the water access lots along the steep shoreline, boaters should avoid coming closer than 30 meters (100 feet) from the shoreline within the assessment area. Signs have been posted in the area.

Slides have been observed and reported by residents in the area since the 2015 Dog Mountain fire.

Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department (SLVFD) Chief Mike Cann. 

Reports that the fire department is ready and available to respond to the residents of Sproat Lake. Remember, if we can’t find you, we can’t help you. Minutes count when we are looking for address signs in the middle of the night. Sproat Lake Fire Department is selling reflective address signs and home protection gutter mount sprinkler systems. See for more information on the sprinklers.

Fire Smart begins at home. You and your neighbours can reduce wildfire hazards and provide better opportunity for firefighters to defend you home by following simple, preventative steps. Take the fire smart assessment test. Please feel free to contact our fire department with any questions regarding Fire Smart BC 250-724-1777. Anyone interested in helping our community and learning new skills, please contact me, SLVFD Fire Chief

Is your Home Fire Smart?

Fire smart assessments are also available through the ACRD: Phone 250.720.2700 or email

You may be eligible to earn up to $500 rebate.

Lightning on the Lake 2022.

Successfully held by the Alberni Valley Regatta Association boat races at the Sproat Lake Provincial Park July 9th and 10th. Race enthusiasts came to Sproat Lake from far and wide to watch the featured drag boats, F1 Boats, Sport hydroplanes and much more.

The AVRA also hosted a Show and Shine at Stirling Park on July 8th.
In memory of lifetime Sproat Lake resident and regatta founding member and racer, Joe VanBergen, a commemorative T-shirt in memory of Joe VanBergen was offered to participants. Many thanks to Joe for his dedication to the sport and its’ revitalization. This year’s event was also dedicated in memory of Pete Sevigny.

Summer 2022

Hello Pete!

, a long-time supporter.

For more information see their website.

The Emergency Support Services (ESS)

Program has identified the Sproat Lake Community Hall as a potential reception centre in the event of an emergency. We require volunteers from the Sproat Lake area to open the reception and provide support for those in need. Anyone interested in volunteering with the ESS program can contact Karen Freethy, ACRD Protective Services Coordinator at 250-724- 7655 or

Alberni Valley Regional Airport

(AVRA) Open House & Dedication was held Sunday June 12, 2022, showcasing the expansion and resurfacing of the AIRPORT: CBS8 at 7400 Airport Road. Fly-In & static displays, a flight simulator, glider flights showcasing aviation industry and careers. The AVRA flying club and volunteers continue to host an exciting annual event for the benefit of aviation enthusiast and the community.

Sproat Lake Parks and Trails

Continue to provide active lifestyle opportunities to our community residents and visitors of all abilities. Cougar Smith Park on Faber Road is a favourite for family fun. Playground equipment for youth, tennis/pickle ball courts, basketball court, maintained ball field, and bike skills park are used by many daily. It is encouraged to be sure to keep our parks and trails clean following the “Pack it in, Pack it out” practice. SL Parks Commission and maintenance contractor provides safe clean parks and trails for all ages and abilities.

Lakeshore Trail expansion is undergoing completion this summer from the end of the trail near the Sproat Lake Trailer Park to the Sproat Lake Landing. If you have any questions, or would like to join the SL Parks Commission please email Joe Lamoureaux at


Sproat Lake Clean Beaches Clean-up, tentatively scheduled for Sunday September 25th, Summer 2022. WEATHER PERMITTING

➢ Location: Sproat Lake Community Association is calling for VOLUNTEERS to help clean up targeted crown land beaches along Stirling Arm, Two Rivers Arm and Taylor Arm.

➢Please remember to wear weather appropriate clothing and footwear and bring your work/rubber gloves, shovels or rakes, etc.

  • ➢  SLCA and the Fish and Duck Resort will provide garbage bags, maps, water and offers a hot lunch.
  • ➢  Please call 250-720-5433 or check out the website to confirm the eventStatus  and for more info or if you want to volunteer but need to arrange for boat transportation.
  • ➢  The support boats and houseboat will be near the mouth of Two Rivers Arm around 9:30 am for

people to pick up garbage bags and head out to clean beaches.

  • ➢  Kindly pre-register so the SLCA is aware of lunch numbers and where volunteers are cleaning


landfill by volunteers that is keeping our environment healthy.

Don’t forget to put away your toys and remove debris from your beaches before the high water comes. Clean water is everyone’s responsibility.

Thank you to those community heroes already cleaning beaches all year on your own! Your efforts respectfully are appreciated.