Sproat Parks 12-08-2014

Minutes of the previous meeting.

Motion for approval by Chris Law 2nd by Paul Andrew. Carried.


Cougar Smith Community Park:

  • Baseball field –
    • 2015 maintenance to continue with the approved plan for budget, spring thatch, reseed, and fertilizer that they recommend.
    • The trail to the ball field is complete.
    • SL fire department uses baseball field throughout summer.
    • Signage at ball field complete to finalize the grant.
    • To spend money on diamond base plates is not recommended.

Sproat Parks 12-08-2014


  • Tennis Courts –
    • Back board request by Terry Kettler, and others to move to roadside. In fact, the work will complete in the spring.
    • Benches – Check with Bob Aston to see about benches, at present only one bench there.
    • Pickle ball request – Joe Lamoureux to ask Pickle ball group for Sproat Lake Resident Representative to sit on SL Parks Commission.
    • Suggestion for one court to have pickle ball lines installed, over top of the tennis lines and have one court only with tennis lines. Observation: Several pickle ball players use the courts throughout the summer months.


  • Bike Skills Park
    • Alpine contractor 2014 project complete.
    • 2014 -$22,000.00 total spent – recommend $11, 400.00 for the 2015 budget.
    • Signage is in place.
    • Penny will ask the ACRD to assist in an investigation, as to why we have to provide professional inspections to MIA at $6k annually.  She suggests adopting other community standards for inspections, since they are exempt from these.
    • Alberni Valley bike enthusiasts are happy, and give us great positive feedback.
    • Well head cut down and protection complete.

Sproat Parks 12-08-2014


Dickson/Faber Community Park:

  • Security – Footprints advise no incidents to report.
  • Block Watch successful with annual meeting August 17th,



Parks Day Celebration:


  • Report – July Tuesday 5thParks Day successful.
  • Report – August 17thFaber Park Block Watch Day successful.
  • James Lunney and Federal Govt. official attend the announcement on September 8th, 2014.  From Economic Diversification Grant Funding work is complete, on baseball field and tennis courts.

Sproat Parks 12-08-2014


Trails and Expansion:

  • Lakeshore Road – To address 2015 plan for liabilities.
  • Faber Road – To work on brush removal and road, on trail extension. – Select RFP from those companies we deal with – Have quote follow with the proposed plan.
  • City has bridge structures that may be available for SL trail use.
  • Stirling Arm Dr. – Call for resident support and arrange a meeting day, at the Harold Bishop fire Hall in early 2015.
  • Master Trail Planning – talk to ACRD to see about mapping and finding/linking property pins.

Island Timberlands cut blocks:

  • Jackie reports they started to cut 2 blocks. Logging from Stirling Arm Dr. along Faber Road, and to Cougar Smith Park.
  • Residents hear blasting noises along Stirling Arm Dr., by Fossli Park.  Great Central residents report hearing the blasts as well.

Sproat Parks 12-08-2014


Old Business

  • Gravel replacement – 30 feet of gravel needed to be completed this winter.
  • Gazebo ramp – clean up this section from the parking lot to coordinate for with wheel chair accessibility this spring.


New Business, December 8 2014

  • Proposed new project of Community/Children’s garden. To be constructed along fence dividing the bike skill park from the play ground this spring.
  • Joe Lamoureux will investigate, with City, the cost and feasibility of a small water feature in the park.
  • Playground shades cost to be determined. Alternate suggestion of shade trees. Maple trees are one of species suggested, but who will rake the leaves?  Picnic tables/benches suggested in shade.
  • 2015 SL Parks Budget – Commission completes draft budget. Some items yet to be determined. Completion and adoption at next meeting in February.
  • Motion to pay Chair honorarium by Chris Law 2ndby Jackie Chambers. Carried.
  • Joe Lamoureux to continue as Chair for 2015.


Adjournment at 9:45 pm. December 8 2014  Moved by Brian Calendar and 2nd Ursula Henning. Carried.

Sproat Parks 12-08-2014


Chris Law identifies a property at the end of Taylor Arm Drive.  Adjacent to property on waterside of highway, from land acquired by Green Max, as an ideal site for a Community Park. Penny will inquire at the ACRD on the procedure to make an application and find out availability.



August 8, 2015


Dickson Drive Block Watch August 8 2015

Annual General Meeting & Faber Park Picnic

August 8 2015 a number of 25 residents came.

Welcome & Introduction: Penny Cote: Regional Director for Sproat Lake

Sproat Parks 12-08-2014

Block Watch Captain Report: Rob Turner

  • The RCMP report- very few callouts for the police this year at the park.  No issues in the Block Watch area of Dickson Drive to report.
  • People are respectful of the park rules, according to Footprints Security.
  • One must call the block captain when security is absent.
  • This includes 75% of the residents, from 49 homes, who signed up for the Block Watch program.
  • Joe Lamoreaux reiterates to call the RCMP  to deal with any unlawful behaviour, and that security personnel not  confront people on a personal level.

RCMP did not attend, as the liaison officer, Constable Jen Allen, is in a new position now.  Within a few months, they will appoint a new liaison officer.

The general consensus is that the Block Watch program is a positive influence, and an opportunity to meet new and existing neighbours.

Sproat Parks 12-08-2014

The SLVFD attended with information regarding fire safety, and a sample of the new address posts available. Chris Wynans encourages anyone who shows interest in volunteering with the Sproat Lake Fire Department to contact the department.

“Thank you!” To the members of the SLMP who came to answer questions, at the meeting.

A good turnout, of neighbours, show up to enjoy a barbecue luncheon in the rain.

Block Watch Captain and co-captains for 2015/2016 are Rob Turner, Ludo Scheunhage, Shayne Ali, and Ron Jorgenson.

Anyone who wants more information, or wishes to sign up to participate in the Dickson Drive Block Watch may contact: Rob Turner at 250 724-4125