Sproat Lake Park Day

SL Parks Picnic

Sproat Lake Parks Day

SL Parks Picnic

Sproat Lake Park Day

SL Parks Picnic

Sproat Lake Park Day

SL Parks Picnic

Park Day







July 3, 2014 By Sproat Lake Community Association (Edit)

You are invited to enjoy yourself on Park Day! 

Sproat Lake Park Day

Cougar Smith Community Park 

9028 Faber Road

Saturday, July 5th, 2014

11am – 3pm


Sproat Lake Park Day!  Come out and bring your family and friends.

Don’t forget to bring your children and grandchildren to Park Day. Also, remember to wear light clothing and bring sunscreen; hat; bike; baseball gloves; lawn chair, because the sun can become unbearably hot in that wide open area. A camera to capture memorable moments is also a good idea.

The wasps can be a bit trying when food is out so do protect yourself should you be allergic.

Bring your enthusiasm  to have a little bit of fun!  It’s a great chance to meet neighbours and others in your community!

Do you like riding bikes?  This is a great opportunity to try out the newly completed Bike Skills Park, but bring your safety helmet as some of the terrain is fairly rough still.

Sproat Lake Park Day

Check out SLVFD baseball.

Have a game of tennis if the court is free.

If you’d like to try something different check out the demo of Pickle Ball, or even give it a go.

Eating is always fun so we’ve included a picnic for your enjoyment.  Have a hot dog with relish, mustard, lettuce or hamburger with tomato, pickles and onions.  We will also serve cake and treats before the end of the day.

All compliments of the Sproat Lake Parks Commission

Sproat Lake Park Day.

A time for the Sproat Lake Community Association to say “Thank you” to the many Volunteers, who make our community great. We couldn’t do it without your unselfish help.  Thank you for all that you do for the Sproat Lake Community to make it great.

Welcome to the Sproat Lake Park Day!