MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18 2013 AT 7:00 PM.

Sproat Lake AGM 02-18-2013

Welcome to all residents of the Sproat Lake Area to the SLCA AGM.

Brian Cote calls the Sproat Lake AGM 02-18-2013 to order at 7:08 pm.

Minutes of the last SLCA AGM are waived.

Treasurer’s Report:

Elaine Gray (SLCA Treasurer) presents and motions to approve her SLCA income and expense report Mar 1, 2012 to Jan 31, 2013(see attached report) 2nd by Bob Maurice. Carried.ACRD draft Budget Tax Requisition for the 2013 Property Tax.
Presenter – Russell Dyson (ACRD CAO) reports on the 2012 highlights and 2013 proposals.
Budget copies available at the ACRD office or www.acrd.bc.ca. Budget is approximately $15
million. Budget will be adopted Wednesday, March 27th, 2013. Proposal is possible Gas Tax for the Bell Road, Stuart Ave water system.

Sproat Lake AGM 02-18-2013

Sproat Lake Community Hall:

Steven Henderson, from Island Timberlands presents Lease agreement with Island Timberlands. The company  requests that the property agreement downsize to 1 acre.  More or less to include; only the SL Community Hall and Tennis Courts for $500.00. At present, the agreement is $800.00 plus HST for a 5.35 acre parcel. The parcel is from the Bomber Base Road, and includes the land to Lakeshore Road, up to the old baseball field. The lease agreement is up for renewal on June 26th, 2013. Consensus, from the community members present, agree they have no interest in downsizing the lease land parcel.  Residents believe it is valuable to the community historically, and for the community’s future.  No complaints, or reasons given for Island Timberland to downsize the SLCA leased land.  No valuable timber is found on the land. The community sees no reason to reduce the lease agreement. Stan Kujala makes a motion, and it is 2nd by Rene Lacoursiere.  The proposal is to write to Island Timberlands to advise them of the community wishes, for the lease to remain as is. Carried.

Sproat Lake AGM 02-18-2013

Logging Report–February 18 2013

Island Timberlands – Stirling Arm  and Faber Arm presentation by Morgan Kennan and
Rod Christie. Logging in the Sproat Lake, Stirling Arm/Faber Road area was last harvested in 1939.

1999-2013 harvests have been replanted within 12 months. Logging along Faber Road will commence 2012- 2013. Wind fall is a concern, as well as neighborhood site lines, creek riparian, and trails.

Sproat Lake AGM 02-18-2013

AV Community Forest

–  Shawn Flynn (AVCF Manager), presents an update on Taylor Arm.
Bridges are placed over Wienner Creek and one other over an unnamed creek. The road is locked to the public until the harvest is complete. Trails are identified in the Taylor Area. Everyone is welcome to come and view the harvest plans at the AV Community Forest office, at the AV Regional Airport. In a couple of months, free-use fire- wood permits will be issued.

SL Parks and Trails Commission

– Joe Lamoureux (SLPC Chair), reports on the ball field; tennis court; and bike skill park improvements, at Cougar Smith Park.  Dickson/Faber Park to include security and RCMP patrols. Plus, walkway and stiff leg improvements for this summer. Further trail expansion is planned as the budget allows.

Sproat Lake AGM 02-18-2013

SL Roads Committee

Sproat Lake Road Committee

– Joe VanBergen (SLCA Road Committee), reports on extremely high taxation, at Sproat Lake. He also reports his communications with the Ministry of Transportation and Emcon in regards to our poor road conditions. Oliver Watson (Emcon) tours, with the road committee, on Stirling Arm and Faber Roads. He will identify the problematic areas,  including lack of centre lines; dips; pot holes; roadside erosion, etc. The next day,  a cat eye marker is found at the corner center island of Faber Road and Hwy 4. Joe asks for anyone with road complaints to call him at joev12@shaw.ca or 250-723-6159.

SL Volunteer Fire Department

– Chris Wynans (Fire Prevention Officer) presents:

2012 Statistics on fire calls and First responder calls.
Harold Bishop Fire Hall receives new water line and hydrant. Plus, expansion and seismic renovation with assisted funding of $204,700.00 grant. Address signs are important for all properties to be easily identified. This may possibly be a program for the SLVFD this year for $35 – $40 per address sign.

Facts to Remember:

Call 911 in emergency, Smoke alarms have a life span of 8-10 years, and #1 cause of fire is cooking.  The SLVFD needs members for its 3 halls.

Sproat Lake AGM 02-18-2013

Water testing for community group test scheduled for MARCH 25th, 2013.

– Water bottles and requisition forms for this test are available at the AGM or ACRD office, Sproat Lake Landing, or Tseshaht market.

2013 Election of SLCA Directors and Officers:

New President – Stan Kujala

1st Vice-President – Brian Cote

2nd Vice-President – John Mayba

Treasurer – Nancy Harvey

Secretary –


Paul Andrew

Elane Gray

Bette Hansen

Ursula Henning

Rene Lacoursiere

Chris Law (Community Forest Rep)

Roger Loggin

Joe Monrufett

Heidi Zimmermann (Website Rep)

Sproat Lake AGM 02-18-2013

Old Business:

Abandoned wharves on Two Rivers. Penny Cote still in contact with the Province regarding the
removal of abandoned wharves, which has notice of trespass issued.

Updated SLCA website at www.sproatlakecommunityassociation.ca.  Heidi Zimmermann is working
with Cam Appleton and Penny Cote on website updates.

New Business:

Air Quality request for alternative to wood burning, and best burning practices comes forward to the ACRD.
Woodstove Change out Program $400 rebates available at the ACRD office.  Find more info on the ACRD website.

Adjournment at 9:50 pm. February 18 2013