06-04-2015 Sproat Lake Directors’ Meeting



THURSDAY, June 4TH, 2015 at 7 pm
Sproat Lake Community Hall

In Attendance: Stan Kujala; Brian Cote; Heidi Zimmermann; Greg Steel; Elane Gray; Bette Hansen; Chris Law; and Nancy Harvey.
ACRD rep: Penny Cote.
Guest: Darrell Holt

06-04-2015 Directors’ Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm.

President’s Message: Stan Kujala

Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Harvey – AVRA donation of $500 for upper field development received.
– Bills for keys, garage sale ads to Brian Cote $43.48
– Landfill cost $34.00 to Stan Kujala
– SLCA Group water test transfer to NILabs mileage to Paul Andrew

Secretary: Bette Hansen – April 16, 2015– SLCA Director minutes read. Greg motioned 2nd by Nancy, Minutes accepted. Carried.


SL Community Hall:

Stan and Geo – annual contract grounds clean up report:  Clean up $350 for day May 25, 2015.
Hall kitchen cabinets Robert Dalton donated – reno to commence in the fall.
Motion by Brian, 2nd by Nancy to replace the stair stringer for up to $100 – Greg, Geo, Brian and Stan next Thursday. Carried Motion by Nancy @ 2nd by Greg to complete bathroom reno for up to $300 plywood. Carried

– Community Hall Garage Sale Sunday, June 7th, 2015 10 am – 2 pm. Hall to be cleaned after.
– Upper field restoration project report by Stan: Tim Cisaroski, of McCoy Lk Excavating. June 14 – 20 to be done.
– Picnic tables still to be finished and possibly placed upper field area.
– Community Hall rentals and agreements recommendation of develop policies report.

Recommend meeting with all potential user/renters to include Dragon Boaters for Sproat Lake Hall basement storage. Pickle Ball organization for pickle ball court on SL Hall tennis court. Paddling Club use of front basement area.

– Community garden to ask for community interest and propose development for 2016 with fall 2015 preparation.


SL Road Committee:

Joe VanBergen – Joe and Penny toured with Cindy Corner to discuss some road maintenance and line painting, to be completed in 2015. Patches in place for paving to be done on Stirling Arm Drive. Investigating a pedestrian bridge at Weiner Creek and developing parking lot on corner of Hwy 4 and Lakeshore, across from Sproat Lake Landing on Hwy right of way.

Stirling Arm Trail complete on IT from Stirling Crescent to logging road. Firehall #1 to West Bay needs trail extension.

Lower Hector request for gating due to dumping.

SL Parks Report:

Penny – Bike Skills Park work to complete in 2015. Cougar Smith Park day is July 4th. Faber Park/Block Watch in place and Footprints security contracted for summer 2015.

06-04-2015 Directors’ Meeting:

ACRD: – Penny – ACRD gave 3 readings to Accessory Dwelling Units by-law. Recreational rentals to be investigated by ACRD.

– Bell Road/Stuart Ave. water awaiting Tseshaht approvals before public consultation.
– Recycling by-laws propose landfill cardboard ban in 2015.
– Motion to by Chris, 2nd by Heidi to send ACRD letter that Cell towers should be placed away from residential properties. Carried. Chris to write letter.

Old Business: – SLCA Group Water Test results on Monday May 11th, 2015 from 35 tests were 2 positive for e coli and 21 clean of all bacteria. Recommend to offer a late summer if there is a dry hot summer. Recommend to test again Monday August 17th, 2015. Penny to request 20% plus lower price discount to continue.

06-04-2015 Directors’ Minutes:

New Business:

Letter from Art Skipsey and Barry Forbes regarding concerns of wake damage. ACRD SLMP is placing a sandwich board at the boat launch and hand out brochures. Stan to send letter to newspapers and general mail out to residents. Recommend to work on Map suggesting designated areas for wake board.

Chris asked that the next newsletter include:

Notice to residents not to dump branches on Community Forest.

Adjourn: Greg motion to adjourn 9:40 pm