THURSDAY 01-24-2019 at 7 pm

Alberni Valley Regional Airport Terminal Building


Attending: Greg Steel, Joe VanBergen, Brian Cote, Mark Marley, Geo Monrufet, Paul Andrew, John Mayba, Nancy Harvey.

ACRD rep: Penny Cote

Guest:Walter Konkin

Regrets:Bet Broome, Linda Bowers, Heidi Zimmermann, Stan Kujala, Chris Law, Roger Logins


President Greg Steel called the 01-24-2019 Meeting to Order at 7:05 pm.


Delegation:  Walter Konkin, presented Dragon boat storage rental request as per letter attached.

Summary: The maintenance requires for the dragon boat retrofit on seats and end of boat. Timing: It will take Ralph Sketch 2 weekends.  Is Dry Heat required? The boat was only used June. Boating season starts in April.

Project will use less that 5 gallons of resin fiberglass. SLCA Hall Insurance requires a rider by dragon boaters, which must be met. A discussion about air quality and ventilation suggests closure of the upstairs (while fiber glassing is going on. Walter left the meeting.


Further discussion by Directors’ resulted in Mark Marley’s tentative offer, to dragon boaters, to use his tent at GCL for fiberglass repairs.

The electrical in the dragon boat storage space was tampered with resulting in issues.  The hall was temporarily closed and a certified electrician was called in to fix the issue. The hall is now re-open to the public.

A letter  is to be sent to the dragon boaters to stop work in the hall. $500 Rental is for storage only.

  • Dragon Boat storage engaged in fiberglass retrofit. Fiberglass dust is a concern.
  • Hall basement storage rental electrical. Motion by Joe 2ndby Geo for electrician Bill to be sent to Dragon Boaters as held the responsible tenant of this space. Carried.


Treasurer’s Report 01-24-2019: No report


Secretary Minutes 01-24-2019: SLCA Directors’ draft minutes Monday November 12th, 2018as distributed was adopted or corrected. Motion to receive by Nancy, 2nd by Brian. Carried.


SL Community Hall:

  • Hall renovations update – Due to lack of interest in contractors for the hall project as a whole Directors’ decided to piece up the work. Mark Marley reviewed plans for stair replacement and corner rot.

Suggest replacement of the 2 stairs and entry doors. Deck to be addressed later with possible expansion. Mark presented a budget for stairs and rot.

Mark stepped out of the meeting at 7:40 pm.

After discussion a Motion Nancy by Joe 2ndby to award the stair and rotten corner contract to Mahoe Properties for up to $33,211.00 plus applicable tax. Any overruns will be approved by the Building Committee up $5000. Carried.  Mark returned to the meeting at 7:55 pm.

Notice to be sent to users and sign to be posted for closure of hall during stair replacement.


SL Road Committee:

–     Joe VanBergen and Penny Cote met November 19th, 2018 with new contractor Main road and Ministry of Transport to discuss planned road maintenance. Great Central Lake road has concerns of 2 areas of flooding. Storm debris on trail is cleaned but lots of debris along the roadside. Ask who is responsible for clean up? Roadsides need fill. Mailboxes need fill.


01-24-2019 SL Parks Report:

  • Lakeshore rd. & Faber Rd. Trail extension completed. SL Parks Commission meeting next week to plan and budget for 2019.


  • ACRD is conducting the Fish, flow and flood study funded by Federal government. Results should be available to the public early 2020.
  • ACRD sending out notice to the community regarding Short term vacation rental registration ACRD will be hiring company to find local short-term rentals and notify them of the new by-laws. ACRD is also investigating ticketing by-law. Ask ACRD if notice was mailed out to non-residents.
  • ACRD has been directed to work with Water Zoning Committee to host an Open House this spring.
  • ACRD to investigate sweep contract to remove debris annually Motion by Paul 2ndJohn to send a letter by ACRD To status of sweep maintenance. Carried.


New Business:

SLCA  – AGM Monday, February 25th, 2019 at 7 pm at the SL Community Hall.

ACRD to present the 2019 – 2024 budget. Regular reports and SLCA Director Elections.


Backcountry access roundtable report from MLA Scott Fraser. Attached.

  • Invasive species – Broom Busters, Carp capture info for SL AGM?


Old Business:

  • Cell tower update: Rogers, Fido & Chatr cell service is now active. The cell tower has light or beacon system for safety measures. Penny receiving many requesting Telus service.


  • Sproat Lake Water Quality – Monday, November 26th, 2018 results from 12 tests with 3 positive for E.coli and 4 clean tests. SLCA paid for two full tests Results for Taylor Arm had 2.0 Total coliforms and 0 E.coli. The Lakeshore results were 70 Total Coliforms and 8.7 E.coli. Recommend offering a SLCA Group water test summer 2019.


  • Sinking cabin on Great Central Lake concerns over oil tank contamination.MoFLNR investigated and no action taken.


  • BCLSS Level 3 Water Testing volunteers training February 6th, 2019.


  • AED training huge success will be offered again spring 2019 at the SLCA AGM.


  • Review and update Terms of Reference and develop an asset management plan with Societies Act and update rental agreements.


  • Pizza night Monday December 3rd, 2018 for SLCA, SL Parks, SL APC and SLFA was a big success. Participants shared in a community visioning exercise. Results attached.


Adjournment 9:20pm


Directors to run for SLCA Directors


Greg Steel – President

Brian Cote – Vice-President

Joe VanBergen

Mark Marley

Heidi Zimmermann

Geo Monrufet

Paul Andrew

John Mayba

Nancy Harvey