Winter Spring 2012

Published by Penny Cote – Sproat Lake Director – Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District

2011-2015 Financial Plan – The Alberni Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) is considering the 2011 – 2015 Financial Plan and budget.  Public consultation is scheduled for Wednesday, March 14th at 6:00 pm. at the ACRD office, located at 3008 Fifth Avenue, Port Alberni, BC.  Copies of the draft document are available on the ACRD website ( or at the ACRD office.

Teri Fong, ACRD Manager of Finance, will present the budget at the Sproat Lake Community Association’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 22nd. at 7:00 pm. at the Sproat Lake Community Hall (see agenda at end of newsletter).

Sproat Lake Official Community Plan (OCP) –

The ACRD is rewriting the Alberni Valley OCP’s.  The Sproat Lake Advisory Planning Commission and the Sproat Lake Community Association Directors have reviewed the first draft and made suggestions and comments for the community’s presentation.

A Message from your Regional Director:

It’s time to update the Sproat Lake Official Community Plan so that it suits the needs of today’s Sproat Lake residents and property owners!  The following important issues identified by community members needs to be incorporated into the Plan:

  • Home Based Industry
  • Development Permit Areas
  • Larger Lot Sizes
  • Density Bonuses
  • Expand Trail & Park System
  • Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Support Local Agriculture
  • Site Adaptive Development

Home Based Industry:

Permit home based industries on residential properties to allow people to work from home at a reasonable scale.

Development Permit Areas:

Strengthen development permit areas to preserve environmentally sensitive areas and water features.

Larger Lot Sizes:

Minimum lot sizes 1 hectare (2.5 acres) for lots with no shared services.  Or 0.24 hectares (0.6 acres) for property with community water or shared septic.

Density Bonuses: 

Encourage conservation subdivision design by issuing density bonuses.  When a developer protects 20% of developable area, they are granted a 10% density bonus increase.  Where 30% is protected, they are granted a 20% bonus.

Winter Spring 2012

Expand Trail & Park System:

Expand the trail and parks system.  To link the community in a manner that encourages walking, cycling, and other non-motorized means of transportation.

Accessory Dwelling Units:

Permit one accessory dwelling unit on residential properties.  To offer affordable accommodation as well as provide an opportunity for home owners to earn extra income.

Support Local Agriculture:

Encourage and facilitate new and existing agricultural operations by supporting small (2 hectare – 5 acre) agricultural lot creation.

Site Adaptive Development:

Encourage and facilitate small lot development where community or communal services are provided.  Additionally, encourage site adaptive planning that considers site characteristics and topographic restraints prior to development.

Port Alberni 100 Year Centennial Celebration 100 Years Of Incorporation!

An invitation to one and all to attend the inaugural event “A Step Back In Time”, on Sunday April 1st. at the Alberni District Secondary School starting at 12:30 pm.  Festivities include a reenactment of the first City Council meeting in period costumes.  Also, live entertainment, and outdoor activities including “100 Years of Transportation” vehicle display, horse and buggy rides, and tractor hay rides.

Home Coming Celebration Event –

Save the dates August 3rd. – 6th. for the “Home Coming Celebration Event” at Bob Daily Field.  The Event will showcase block parties; music; crafts; car shows, and more.  Check out the centennial website to view a full list of activities at and join in the fun!

Huu-ay-aht and Yuu-cluth-aht First Nations –

The Huu-ay-aht and You-cluth-aht First Nations’ communities are scheduled to join the ACRD on April 1st.  Representatives from these communities will become active members of the ACRD’s Board of Directors.  The monumental Man-nulth Treaty creates a third level of government alongside the Provincial and Federal Governments.  The Uchucklesaht and Toquaht First Nations, also included in the treaty, have up to 10 years to join the ACRD.

Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department –

Always looking for new members, so if you are interested in becoming a volunteer fire fighter drop by at a fire hall.  You’ll find one on Lakeshore Rd., Faber Rd., or Harold Bishop Fire Hall on any Tuesday night at 7:00 pm. and ask for the hall Captain.  Or email to or call Chief Peter Klaver at (250) 724-1777.

Harold Bishop Fire Hall installed a new water line and fire hydrant and is conducting renovations over the next year.

Be sure emergency responders can find you!!  Ensure your address is clearly visible!!  Example: 12345 Lakeshore Road.

Water Testing:

Group water testing for E.Coli and Total Coliforms, at a group rate of $36. is scheduled for Monday, April 9th.  North Island Labs water sample bottles and requisition forms are available for individual testing at the ACRD office located at 3008 Fifth Avenue.  Open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am. until 4:30 pm. or -for this test only-at the Tseshaht Market and Sproat Lake Landing (West Bay) during regular business hours.  Best to take water samples Monday morning, April 9th between 8:00 am. and 11:00 am. for transport to North Island Labs in Courtenay.

This is a great opportunity to test water filtration systems, lake sources, and wells, etc.  It is always advisable to treat or boil raw water.  Water testing results from the Monday, August 8th, 2011 test resulted in many tests with high Total Coliforms and 1 test with E. Coli (out of 27 samples).

BC Lake Stewardship –

BC Lake Stewardship volunteers recruit this summer to record level one testing of temperature and secco results for Sproat Lake, one day weekly throughout the summer.  For more information, please call Penny at (250) 724-5040 or email

See the BC Lake Stewardship report for Sproat Lake on our website.

Abandoned Wharves – 

Owners of abandoned wharves on Two Rivers Arm were given Notice of Trespass on November 9th. 2011 to be removed by January 9th. 2012.  The Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations is looking at seizing the non-compliant structures and appreciates the assistance of the SLCA to legally remove and dispose of these structures.

Sproat Lake Parks Committee- Winter Spring 2012

The Faber Trail expansion scheduled for 2012 is waiting on a grant application to the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.  The Committee is always looking for interested volunteers to participate in parks and trails.  Please call Chris Law at (250) 720-2235 or if interested email at

Sproat Lake Road Committee

We received many complaints regarding the newly constructed bridge over Weiner Creek next to the Sproat Lake Landing, in the West Bay.  The width of the bridge is in question and doesn’t allow for pedestrian safety, or regard large vehicle crossing, like the SLVFD.  Petitions are available, to those who wish to sign, to request the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure provide a walkway for safe pedestrian use.  Petitions are located at the Sproat Lake Landing and at the ACRD office.

Alberni Valley Community Forest – Winter Spring 2012

The AV Community Forest harvest is complete, near the Pacific Rim Highway in the West Bay area.  An update on the Community Forest takes place at the SLCA AGM, March 22nd. at 7:00 pm.  For more information, check out the community forest website at or contact Shawn Flynn by email at: or by phone at (250) 731-7377.

Island Timberlands –

Island Timberlands met with a group of residents at the Cougar Smith Park on Tuesday, February 28th. to discuss their road construction and draft harvest plans for their privately-managed forest land located between Stirling Arm Drive and Faber Road.  Representatives from Island Timberlands accepted the invitation to attend the SLCA AGM as guest to present their plans to the community on Thursday, March 22nd. between 6:00 pm. and 6:45 pm. (prior to the SLCA AGM start time of 7:00 pm.)  The presentation and questions focus on our plans for areas of concern.

Come and voice your concerns at the Sproat Lake Community Association AGM on Thursday, March 22nd. at 7:00 pm. at the Sproat Lake Community Hall (on the Bomber Base Road off Lakeshore Road.)  See attached agenda.

“Thank You” to all the residents that care and make this a wonderful community to live in!

Check out the updated website at and sign up for the latest community news.  For more information call Penny at (250) 724-5040 or email



Welcome to all residents of the Sproat Lake Area to the SLCA AGM.

  • Call to order.
  • Minutes of the last SLCA AGM.
  • Treasurer’s Report — Elaine Grey (SLCA Treasurer).
  • ACRD tax requisition for the 2012 Property Tax — Teri Fong (ACRD Financial Manager) Budget copies available at the ACRD office or
  • Logging Report — AV Community Forest – Taylor Arm update presentation.
  • Island Timberlands – Stirling Arm and Faber Road presentation (before SLCA AGM at 6:00 pm. at the SL Community Hall).
  • Parks and Trails Commission — Chris law (SLPC Chair).
  • Roads Committee — Joe VanBergen (SLCA Road Committee).
  • SL Volunteer Fire Department – 2011 Statistics on fire calls and first responder calls.  Please consider volunteering to support your Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department.  Harold Bishop Fire Hall receives new water line and hydrant.
  • Water testing for community group test scheduled for April 9th., 2012.  Water bottles and requisition forms available at the AGM or ACRD office, Sproat Lake Landing or Tseshaht market for this test.
  • 2012 Election of SLCA Directors and Officers.
  • Old Business — Abandoned wharves on Two Rivers.
  • Updated SLCA website at
  • New Business — Air Quality request for alternative to burning and best burning practices.
  • Adjournment.

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