Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department (SLVFD) Chief Mike Cann advises Sproat Lake residents that during this pandemic, as at all times, the fire department is ready and available to respond to the residents of Sproat Lake. Our department has all the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment to protect our members and the people we help.  We are practicing in small groups and online training to keep up to date with our skills and stay engaged with the department.  Remember that as we become focused on this pandemic and social distancing, that we still need to be vigilant about our basic health and safety.


The Sproat Lake Fire Department responded to 101 calls last year. Because of COVID, the province of BC reduced all FR (First Responder) calls to local fire departments. Because of this, we saw a big drop in the number of FR calls that we were dispatched to last year. As soon as its safe we will return to our usual FR response levels. And a reminder with this nice weather, that now’s a good time to clean up any combustible debris laying around your property. Please feel free to contact our fire department with any questions regarding Fire Smart BC 250-724-1777.


Shared information:

I’ve had a few questions asked of me by our members and the community about why we are doing dry hydrants when we have the tenders. My house insurance is due by the end of next month so I had the insurance provider do a bit of information gathering for me about what my homeowner’s insurance cost would be with a fire dept but without hydrant status. My insurance cost for this year with hydrant status is $1396.00. If I did not have hydrant status it would cost another $787.00 on top of the $1397. The savings we are providing homeowners in Sproat Lake by maintaining this status is huge. More than I thought. I paid $249 to fire and parks in taxes last year. By the fire dept. spending the extra money to maintain the hydrant status is well worth the effort. Not only can we provide a better service to our community by having these dry hydrants and tanks set up we are also saving money with little extra effort once they are installed.


Deputy Chief

Derrick Cyr

Sproat Lake Fire Dept



Sproat Lake Fire Department is also selling address signs $75 and home protection gutter mount sprinkler systems.  See www.waspfire.com for more information. On March 14th we move the clocks ahead and is a great time to check your smoke alarm batteries. For more information on the Sproat Lake Fire Department fire prevention initiatives or what the commitment is to join please call Chris at 250-720-6940.