FallWinter Newsletter 2017

FallWinter Newsletter 2017

Published by Penny Cote – Sproat Lake Director – Alberni – Clayoquot Regional District

FallWinter Newsletter 2017– Sproat Lake Community Association’s Group Water Test for E.Coli and Total Coliforms is scheduled for Monday, November 20 th at a discounted group rate of $48 per sample . Maxxam Analytics Laboratories water sample bottles and requisition forms are continually available for individual testing at the ACRD office at 3008 Fifth Avenue, Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. This is a popular program that offers the community the opportunity to test water filtration systems and lake sources, wells , etc. It is always advisable to treat or boil unfiltered raw water sources.

Flood Damage of Sproat Lake Homes

The flooding of November 2016 resulted in millions of dollars in damage to resident’s homes and property. EMBC assisted at a community meeting and provided valuable information on how to assess the flood damage. They also offered emergency assistance to those who qualified. The ACRD along with West Coast Aquatics and other organizations , have applied for funding to complete a hydrology study and remediation work to alleviate future flooding in the area. This fall , Catalyst removed one of the Sproat River weir plates to allow for increased water flow. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans  agreed to remove debris from the Sproat River sweep in expectation that this will assist in lowering the flood level this winter . We hope to see improvement although flooding may still occur.

Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department (SLVFD) reminds residents that marked and clear driveway access is important for fire and rescue trucks to respond to emergencies! Contact them at 250 – 724 – 1777 and leave a message or send an email to

if you would like information on the SLVFD , or to purchase a reflective address sign. Remember, if we can’t find you, we can’t help!!

Automatic Electronic Defibrillator ( AED ) is one of the most critical resuscitation programs for someone suffering cardiac arrest. This is supported by evidence provided by the BC Ambulance Service . There is an AED available at the Sproat Lake Community Hall for public use. If you are interested in taking the training , please call Penny 250 – 724 – 5040 or


ACRD Woodstove Exchange Program has concluded for 2017. The ACRD has applied for more rebate vouchers for 2018 but will not find out until January/February 2018. If approved, rebates will be available on a first – come first – serve basis so visit the

website to stay informed!

Air Quality affects everyone! Real time air quality information can be found at

Contacts are Earle Plain, Air Quality Meteorologist, Ministry of Environment (250) 751 – 3171 and Valerie Wilson, Island Health Authority Communications (250) 739 – 6303. Acceptable air quality is everyone’s right and protecting air quality is everyone’s responsibility!

2017 Sproat Lake Community Pickle Ball at the Sproat Lake Community Hall has moved in to the community hall for the winter . A number of men’s, ladies’ and mixed groups, novice and competitive are now there. For more information on how to join the groups and find out established game dates and times – or want to make up a group of your own – call Linda or John Bowers at 250 – 724 – 3626.



Testing will be offered for E. Coli and Total Coliforms at a discounted group rate of $48 per test ($63 value plus shipping ) on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20 TH , 2017 . Bottles and requisition forms are available for pick up at the ACRD office, 3008 Fifth Avenue, Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. Or for THIS TEST ONLY , they can also be picked up at the Tseshaht Market at 7585 Pacific Rim Highway or at Sproat Lake Landing , during business hours , until Monday, November 20 th , 2017.

Water test samples are to be taken MONDAY MORNING , in provided sample bottles, kept cold and delivered with requisition forms and payment of $48 cash or cheque ( made payable to SLCA ), to the Sproat Lake Community Hall , 9346 Bomber Base Road, on MONDAY November 20 th between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. to be transported to the Maxxam Analytics, North Island Labs (NIL) in Courtenay. Early cooler drop off is available by calling Penny at 250 – 724 – 5040 or email

for instructions.

This is a great opportunity to test our water and filtration systems, from lake or well sources. If you do not have a filtration system, you are advised to boil your drinking water, as the lake is a raw water source. Water test bottles and requisition forms are available all year at the ACRD office.  Open from Monday to Friday, for individual testing and delivery to Maxxam Analytics NIL in Courtney or Nanaimo.

Maxxam Analytics NIL is an expert in water quality and water system management. They offer complete water testing that can be added to the SLCA Group Bacterial Water Tests for $185 . For further information go to


 FallWinter Newsletter 2017

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