Bylaw PS1008

For the residents and property owners in the ACRD Electoral Areas:

  • ·  Bamfield (A)
  • ·  Beaufort (B)
  • ·  Long Beach (C)
  • ·  Sproat Lake (D)
  • ·  Beaver Creek (E)
  • ·  Cherry Creek (F)
  • ·  On June 10, 2020, the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) Board of Directors adopted Bylaw PS1008, Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw that takes effect August 1, 2020 and applies to ACRD Zoning Bylaw infractions.
  • ·  The ACRD now has the ability to issue penalties for Zoning Bylaw infractions using Bylaw Notices.
  • ·  This system provides a simple, fair, and cost-effective method for dealing with most zoning bylaw violations.
  • ·  This system does not replace the ability of the ACRD to pursue more serious matters through injunctive relief or higher fines from the courts where deemed appropriate by the ACRD Board.
  • ·  Letters notifying of a bylaw infraction may be followed by a Bylaw Notice and associated penalty. Bylaw Notices are a type of ticket that can be disputed using the Bylaw Adjudication System. Any person receiving a Bylaw Notice can either pay the penalty or dispute the notice by requesting adjudication within 14 days of receiving the notice.
  • ·  To view the full version of Bylaw PS1008, please visit our website at:
  • ·  For more information on Bylaw Enforcement, please visit our website at: bylawenforcement

Port Alberni, BC



Violation Notice Received

Option 1: Pay the Penalty Option 2: Dispute the Violation

Submit the Bylaw Dispute for each Notice

Screening Officer will Contact You to Discuss the Dispute

Participate in the Adjudication Hearing

Adjudicator Determines the Validity of the Notice and if the Infraction Did or Did Not Occ Notice is Cancelled (No Further Action is Required)

Notice is Upheld

Bylaw Notice is Due in Full Plus the $25 Administration Fee