03-13-2014–Directors’ Meeting



THURSDAY, MARCH 13TH, 2014 at 7 pm

Alberni Valley Regional Airport Terminal Building



Attending: Stan Kujala, Geo Monrufet, Roger Loggin, Paul Andrew, Ursula Henning, Joe VanBergen, Rene Lacoursiere, Elane Gray, Brian Cote

ACRD Rep. Penny Cote

Regrets: John Mayba, Heidi Zimmermann, Nancy Harvey, Bette Hansen

03-13-2014–Directors’ Meeting

President of Sproat Lake Community Association, Stan Kujala called the meeting to order 7:05pm.


President’s Message: Stan tried to get a student for our SLCA secretary position, from high school with no success.


SLCA Director Minutes: Motion to Accept minutes Joe VanBergen 2nd by Paul Andrew. 



Secretary: Looking for volunteer at the SLCA AGM. Penny to take minutes.


Treasurer’s Report: – Nancy Harvey is absent. No report. Motioned by Stan Kujala, 2ndby JoeVanBergen, that bills be paid.

03-13-2014–Directors’ Meeting


  • BC Lake Stewardship Renewal
  • Registrar of companies
  • ACRD 2014 budget requisition for SLCA parcel tax has been requested and is approved in the 2014 budget.



– Thank you from AVRA for donation.

– Email response regarding Navigational Aid review on Sproat Lake from Ben Axmann, Aids to Navigation Officer, Western Region.

Canada Coast Guard 25 Huron Street Victoria, V8V 4V9 250-480-2654

Geo Monrufet to investigate.


SLCA AGM – March 17th7pm at the Harold Bishop Fire Hall at 7 pm Agenda

Guests and presenters – Terri Fong ACRD, Sheena Falconer BSWG, Cpl. Jen Allen RCMP Block Watch, Shawn Flynn AVCF, Joe Lamoureux SL Parks, Joe VanBergen Roads, Ray Nass and Joe VanBergen AVRA.


SLParks Report:

Cougar Smith Park completes tennis court; ball field grant completion; bike skills park improvements being proposed, request for shade for playground infrastructure. Faber Park on Dickson Road wharf theft and replacement plan, and foreshore acquisition application. Trail expansion scheduling for 2014.


SL Road Committee:

Joe VanBergen

Met with Emcon and discussed large aggregate on roads, Meeting with Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure scheduled for early April.

SL Website: Heidi doing great job. SLCA website www.slcamembership.ca should be on line for end of April.


SL Community Hall:

Ground clean up required and requested by Island Timberlands. Picnic tables Nancy to report next meeting – Brian cote to investigate concrete table tops.

Spring Hall Clean up – Saturday, April 12th.  9 am. Budget for lunch and costs associated. Motion for clean up budget of $700.00 by Roger Login 2ndRene Lacoursiere. 


03-13-2014–Water Testing

Water Testing Program: Requests for next date Monday August 11, 2014 – Paul Andrew is volunteering to help with the program.

OCP: ACRD scheduled to call SL OCP Public Hearing for April 3rd, 2014 at the SL Community Hall.

Logging – AVCF new manager in hiring process. Stan and Penny to take tour of community forest.

– Island Timberlands held a community meeting with concerned Faber Road residents to look at proposed cut blocks in the area on January 16, 2014.


Old Business:               Abandoned wharves and squatters.  One wharf left at the head of Two Rivers Arm. From those, which received the Notice of Trespass from ILMB. Very well established.

Penny reported it and continuing to work with (ILMB) Ministry of FLNR.


– Private docks at Sing Sing beach not allowed any more by owner.


– AV Regatta Association update – Stan reported event will take place at BC Provincial Park March 18 -20, 2014

– Show and Shine evening of July 18 at new Ford Dealership

Ladies of the Lake demo – Wake board demo

– Paddle board races and puddle duck demo and much more

– Poker run start at the West Bay end up at Fish and Duck Sunday, July 20th

– Old trophies revived – Saturday view boats on Parks site

– Local businesses and ACRD Grant-in-aid are assisting with finances attracting a lot of interest. Looking to make it an annual event expecting 2000 – 3000 people. Donation of prize for 2 tickets anywhere WestJet travels tickets are $5.00 each with est. $10k profit to assist with cost of insurance, etc. Advertising in place to link to the SLCA Website.


ACRD waved noise by-law for the weekend.

– Lake Etiquette, “Courtesy and Crisis on the Lake” Stan sent letter to Andy Daniels at the ACRD with recommendations for brochure, suggestions about concerns around boating etiquette. Wake damage in Trans Canada rule that wake damage can be charged to boater.

– Waterway Buoys – Light Markers Geo Monrufet to investigate.


– Block Watch Program – Cst. Jen Allen to attend the SLCA AGM endorsed by the SLCA Directors for the community.


– Fall Lake Clean up – report – was pretty good –generally the whole lake area was in good condition a few bad fire pits – Island Timberland before Fossli park extremely bad. Email of thanks was received. Stan sent letter to Morgan Keehan for suggestions for security, signage, and large rocks along road, contact number for violations.

Shelli and Jim Messer – cleaned up along the back roads. Maybe next year project.


New Business     – Sani-station money at the ACRD – Joe VanBergen 2ndby Ursula Henning motion to pursue the sani station at the Provincial Park or other options allocating the ACRD money to the construction. Carried

New septic rules in US for biodegradable solution at RV Parks and sani-stations .

Motion by Roger Login 2ndby Rene Lacoursiere that the SLCA endorse and promote the use of biodegradable solution at Sproat Lake. Carried.

Bull frogs, koi, and wake boats, SLMP brochures

– SLCA Directors election at AGM – Stan, Heidi, Nancy, Brian, Roger, Geo, Paul, Joe V, Rene, Elane, John. Resigning is Ursula who was thanked for her many years of commitment.

– Grow Ops new zoning by-laws at ACRD Rene Lacoursiere reported about regional ACRD APC Meeting.


Adjourn: 10:20 pm